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15 Essential Maintenance Tips To Extend Your Car Life


Car maintenance is a very essential step for all car owners since it helps extend the life of their car and obliviously make it look brand new.


Keeping up your vehicle is a significant advance that each vehicle proprietor must follow to expand the life of their vehicle and make it look fresh out of the box new like it just originated from the seller. Continuously follow the support plan for your vehicle, so your vehicle will consistently perform at its best.

Doing a week after week investigation to assist you with keeping up your vehicle can spare you a lot of dollars in repair. You’ll recognize parts that need quick consideration and others that you can deal with later. As you supplant old or worn parts, your vehicle will probably not breakdown or cause significant issues, sparing you a great many dollars.

Preventive upkeep is the most ideal approach to begin. You can do the majority of the normally booked upkeep yourself on the off chance that you need. Disregarding support since it appears to be a problem will cost you. The most ideal approach to keep your vehicle and yourself cheerful is to follow your proprietor’s manual consistently planned upkeep.

Top 15 Maintenance Tips That You Must Follow For Your Car To Last Longer

1. Check your Air Filter

2. Assess Fluids and Tire Pressure Regularly

3. Check your Battery

4. Change your Spark Plugs

5. Get your Tires Rotated and Balanced

6. Clean your Windshields and Replace the Wipers

7. Examine and Replace Serpentine Belts

8. Guarantee the Working of the Cooling System

9. Check your Brakes

10. Keep it Covered

11. Drive Better

12. Outside Engine Cleaning

13. Convey the Automotive Tools consistently

14. Secure your Headlights

15. Secure the Interior of your Car

1. Check Your Air Filter

Numerous vehicle issues are because of obstructed air channels or free fittings. The air channel keeps soil and particles from entering the motor. During ignition your motor needs air, and an obstructed channel may affect execution.

You ought to get your channels changed like clockwork or after 12000 miles, whichever comes quick. Try not to overlook this upkeep as it could prompt issues in your motor or vehicle lodge as you additionally breath air that is separated by the interior lodge air channel.

You can get the channel supplanted at your technician or in the solace of your carport in only 10 minutes. By doing it without anyone else’s help, you can spare the excursion to the repairman and some cash. Here is the way you can do it without anyone else’s help:

Check Your Air Filter

To begin with, find your channel which is arranged in the hood of the vehicle. It is in a dark rectangular box, which may have metal clasps used to keep it shut. You can consider it to be soon as you pop the hood. On the off chance that you don’t discover it there, at that point check the proprietor’s manual for help.

In the wake of finding it, evacuate the packaging and see how the air channel fits inside. It is imperative to take note of the course of the channel. Make a note of the headings of the channel and expel it.

On the off chance that the channel is for the most part spotless, you can clear out the flotsam and jetsam from your channel by utilizing packed air. This can improve the life of the channel and help your motor run effectively. At that point place back in the same manner.

In the event that the channel is filthy, evacuating it and add the new channel a similar way the bygone one fits and a similar way. You will see that it will sit consummately into it’s lodging. (Be certain it’s the right channel type)

Presently close the air channel packaging after you are finished. Ensure it fits effectively, much the same as the channel. Your done.

2. Examine Fluids and Tire Pressure Regularly


Tire pressure is something, which you shouldn’t disregard or deferral. Tires are one of the most significant segments of your vehicle for wellbeing, proficiency, and solace. Getting in the propensity checking the tires routinely will assist you with setting aside time and cash.

Your tire pressure, wheel parity, and standard tire turn will assist you with having an agreeable and safe drive. Your tires will last significantly more and you can without much of a stretch include air and check the weight yourself.

On the off chance that you are not prone to beware of your vehicle tires, you can begin by setting a month to month date on the schedule to check them.

Alongside the tires, you can start checking vehicle liquids.

You should simply open the hood when the motor chilled off and evacuate the oil dipstick. Clean it all together and set it back once more. Presently when you haul it out you will see the oil is up to a specific level. Watch that it is at the right level. Additionally, check the oil shading and supplant the oil at standard support periods.

While doing this likewise check your capacity guiding liquid level, the hoses, and belts for any indications of wear. In the wake of heating up your vehicle check the transmission liquid level as well.

Direct an investigation of the tires and liquids routinely for the best execution of your vehicle.


3. Check Your Battery


I have had my vehicle battery quit working. Everything appeared to be fine then my vehicle just wouldn’t begin. We as a whole might be confronted with a circumstance like this, where we are left abandoned someplace. It wouldn’t be fun in the event that I was abandoned around the evening time with simply my mobile phones.

To stay away from this I can check my vehicle battery. I would first be able to check the links and their association with the terminals. You can check for spillage or any mineral develop around the links and terminals. Clean the terminal with a battery cleaning brush if necessary and you can generally apply dielectric oil to assist them with staying consumption free.

Utilizing a multimeter with the motor off, you can check if the battery is charged completely (about 12.4 to 12.7 volts). At the point when the vehicle is on you can cautiously check the voltage. It ought to be around 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

On the off chance that the battery is low, it may be the alternator. To check this you can turn over the motor and turn on your lights. In the event that the lights are diminished or light up as the motor is fired up, at that point the alternator likely is the issue.


4. Change Your Spark Plugs


In the event that you notice that your motor isn’t working proficiently, at that point the explanation could be the sparkle plugs. If not checked, they could wear out and be shrouded in development. Your vehicle manual should tell you when to supplant them.

On the off chance that your vehicle isn’t proceeding just as it generally does, you should check the flash fittings and sparkle plug wires on the off chance that they are old. In the event that you discover they are beaten up pretty bad, swap them for better execution. Sparkle plugs typically keep going for 30,000+ miles; see the proprietor’s manual for more data.

5. Get Your Tires Rotated and Balanced


This is the most effortless stunt in the book to forestall wearing of tires and make them last more and try to get them pivoted about each 6,000 to 8,000 miles. All tires don’t wear at a similar sum. So by pivoting the front and back tires, you balance the wear and make them all the more long wearing.

Guarantee that the feels sick of your vehicle are additionally adjusted. Neutral tires can cause issues with guiding. It might even cause you to lose control of your vehicle and cause a mishap.


6. Clean your Windshields and Replace the Wipers

A filthy windshield can end up being plenty of problems when you can’t see obviously. On the off chance that they are not cleaned normally, they can cause visual weaknesses and can bring about mishaps on occasion.

It is significant for the driver to have an away from the street for safe driving. On the off chance that you don’t perfect them, the earth and molecule can gather and scratch the windshield when you utilize the wipers.

In the event that the blustery season is drawing closer, check your wipers and get them supplanted if necessary. Utilizing harmed wipers can cause scratches on the glass and block your view, which may lead the need to supplant your whole windshield.


7. Examine and Replace Serpentine Belts

Altogether review your serpentine belts and check for wear. In the event that these belts come up short, they can make harm the motor parts, making a little estimated thing that should be supplanted transform into a gigantic bill.

On the off chance that you get customary upkeep, your vehicle vendor administration focus should tell you when it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant the belt. It is prescribed to get it checked every 60,000 miles however you should take a gander at the proprietor’s manual to get the best data for your vehicle. Supplanting a belt is normally simple with a couple of devices.


8. Guarantee the Working of the Cooling System

The hoses, which convey the motor coolant can get harmed from high-weight, heat, or from being old. Regularly if this happens a break will happen. Also, the warmer hoses face a similar issue as they convey hot coolant to the vehicle radiator center under the scramble board.

At the point when you go get your vehicle adjusted or to an oil evolving shop, they’ll normally check the hoses for you, however, you can generally inquire as to whether your not certain if that is incorporated.

To ​check them yourself, search for the white/clearish coolant store and check whether it is at the right level. If not you may have a hole, so check for residue​that is like the shade of the coolant. It ought to associate with where the hoses and associations are made or under them. Any breaks in hoses mean you have to supplant that hose. Any free hose clasps ought to be fixed or supplanted whenever harmed.

The most ideal path for productive cooling is for the motor to have enough coolant. Get hoses checked normally will forestall releases, that can make the motor overheat and making serious issues. So investigating hoses every so often is a good thought. Furthermore, supplanting them if necessary is moderately modest.


9. Check your Brakes

You may have seen a film where somebody can’t sop their vehicle in light of the fact that their brake line were cut. In actuality, we won’t have this scene play out, yet is we disregard brake issues we can end up getting into a mishap.

On the off chance that the brakes neglect to work appropriately, it very well may be brought about by a portion of the accompanying: the rotors, the brake cushions, the brake liquid, and the break pedal. The most well-known explanation would be the brake cushions or a break in the brake liquid.

It’s a smart thought to check your breaks on the off chance that you notice any issues strange. In the event that you need to check the breaks yourself, you’ll have to investigate the brake cushions and brake liquid repository. This normally requires expelling the tires and perhaps getting under the vehicle in the event that you speculate a brake liquid break.

Checking the Brake Fluid

In any case, there is a simple method to check your brake liquid; check the level and shade of the liquid in the store.

On the off chance that the shading is dim, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to transform it.

On the off chance that the liquid is low, fill to the best possible line; and if the tank is unfilled you presumably have a release that should be fixed and afterward you’ll have to drain the brake lines and supplant the liquid.

Checking the Brake Pads

The simplest method to check the brake cushions is to take it to a help place.

As you drive, tune in for a shrieking sound. Most brakes have an admonition pointer and they make a commotion when they are low as you push on the brake pedal.

On the off chance that your uncertain or stressed, it’s ideal to get it checked. Your wellbeing and others out and about merits the time and exertion.


10. Keep it Covered

This may appear to be an exceptionally simple tip, yet it majorly affects keeping up your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle out of the range of the daylight, trees, and winged animals can support your paint and inside stay in great condition. Unsafe radiation, climate, and nature can negatively affect your vehicle.

Washing your vehicle consistently and utilizing protectant on plastic and elastic parts is significant yet this will just accomplish such a great deal. To keep your vehicle looking it best for year to come a vehicle spread is a wise venture. In the event that you have a carport or parking space spread this can help also.

So spread your vehicle when not being used and attempt to keep it in your carport at whatever point you can.


11. Drive Better

The manner in which you drive mirrors the state of your vehicle. On the off chance that you are no picnic for your vehicle (quick take off, brisk slowing down, sharp snappy turns, riding over knocks at high speeds, hard moving, and so on.), at that point your vehicle will wear quicker and harm can happen. By driving shrewdly and securely, you not just guarantee less mileage on your vehicle yet in addition can save money on your fuel costs.

So one approach to begin today is to investigate your quickening and slowing down propensities. In the event that you have a propensity for taking off rapidly and applying brakes out of nowhere, at that point advise yourself that each smooth progress gets a good deal on gas.

Driving underneath as far as possible and maintain a strategic distance from unexpected stops will assist you with remaining more secure, set aside cash, and help your vehicle last more.


12. Outside Engine Cleaning

We have taken in the significance of keeping up your motor inside; it is as critical to do it for the outside as well. Some minor flotsam and jetsam in an inappropriate spot can do a great deal of harm if not cleaned. For instance, while checking your brake liquid and some oil falls into the brake liquid. Harm to the slowing mechanism can happen.

There are exceptional motor cleaners accessible available planned explicitly for outside motor cleaning. While cleaning the motor isn’t vital, it tends to be useful for: finding releases, securing elastic and plastic hoses, ensuring electrical associations are not intruded on, seeing marks unmistakably, for pride of possession.


13. Convey the Automotive Tools consistently


A decent tip to keep up your vehicle in a hurry is to convey some essential instruments, so you’ll be prepared to confront various issues and have apparatuses to work with. Deferring fixing a break, for instance, can conceivably make harm your motor of other vehicle frameworks.

It is possible that you should require a tow truck or utilize your devices to take a shot at the issue. Driving probably won’t be an alternative.

Apparatuses that may be useful are: thick gloves, heat-safe waterproof silicone tape, electrical tape, wire cutters, screw drivers (Phillips head, and level head), tongue and woods forceps, a spotlight, and a blade. A toolbox may prove to be useful.

A lot of instruments, which is promptly accessible will give you decisions that you wouldn’t have anything else. They prove to be useful in different circumstances also. Choosing where to store them may be the hardest choice you make.


14. Secure your Headlights

Watch out for your headlights as they are your closest companions while driving around evening time. It very well may be an amazingly perilous and dangerous thought on the off chance that you drive without your headlights on around evening time. Supplant or fix them before driving around the evening time. It can spare your life and forestall mishaps.

It should just take around 15 minutes to supplant a front lamp bulb. Watch a fast video and your all set

Tip: Keep track of killing your lights around the evening time. Once in awhile I have neglected to turn of the vault light in my truck and has depleted my battery a considerable amount. It is particularly depleting in the event that you overlook the lights or stoplights.


15. Secure the Interior of your Car

Numerous individuals invest a great deal of energy in their vehicles and it tends to resemble a subsequent home. No big surprise a vehicle inside can get chaotic so without any problem. In any case, that additionally implies it might begin to get awkward to drive in.

Having a spotless and pleasant looking vehicle will fell increasingly agreeable. You will feel good and have pride of proprietorship. Cleaning doesn’t need to be an errand either. For some, it’s tied in with keeping up a calendar of doing a little at once.

At the point when I focus on it, I am consistently ready to fit in an opportunity to clean my vehicle’s inside. I feels pleasant to being in a decent looking vehicle and feel great when others can feel good in it moreover.

The most ideal approach to keep up the inside is to do a snappy cleaning of any junk each time you leave the vehicle and afterward plan for a date and time to vacuum and doing other cleaning required.

Keeping all the fundamental apparatus in one spot will help speed up your cleaning and make thing simpler.



Keeping up your vehicle is a smart thought for your wallet, your time, and significant serenity. It may appear to be a trouble on occasion, yet the exertion is justified, despite all the trouble after some time.

You’ll have pride in possession when you keep an ordinary timetable of support from a help place or without anyone else. You can make a superior showing than some expert since you can take as much time as necessary and not need to surge as you can do your assessments and fixes based on your personal preference. ​

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