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How Motorsport Technology Has Impacted on Everyday Cars

The advancement of motorsport technology Has impacted on everyday cars


Occasionally, the advanced single-seat vehicles we see running around racetracks at impossible rates seem a long way from the sensible five-door family hatchbacks. In fact, there have indeed been many developments that we do not currently appreciate in the field of daily driving and that have pioneered motorsport. Here are perhaps the best models.

Disk brake

It’s strange to think of it, but before the 1950s, the disc brakes on trams were darkening. At this point, Dunlop was thinking of a round, calliper-based frame that was introduced on the Jaguar C-Type in 1953. The arrangement helped Jaguar win a few Le Mans races in 24 hours and showed consistent quality and continuity at high deceleration speed with prolonged use. Nowadays every vehicle uses a different shape than this basic idea.


The tires you see in a normal F1 look extraordinarily unique to those in your car – delicate, slick, and not very durable. Definitely take a look at the world of rallies or the rough terrain and things will get more noticeable. The spearhead of the motorsport world was the first to design and build tires from manufacturers who wanted more grip and control. The way high-end cars are now ready to corner relatively quickly on wet surfaces without losing your grip is all due to the development of traffic jams.

Roll cage

Sports car manufacturers recognized long before their business partners how important it is to structure a body in such a way that it secures the driver in the event of a collision. The arrangement that became standard was movement restrictions – a reinforced chassis combined with evaporators and struts that lock the rider in to absorb shock. Today, similar pens are mandatory in the commuter segment of every road vehicle. You probably won’t see it, but it goes too far to guarantee your life in the event of an accident.

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